Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter to Hospitality - Rock Church

I wrote this email to the Hospitality Team at my church.  I realized how overlooked they are yet how critical they are.  Thought it'd be worth sharing.  If you work on the hospitality (aka: usher / greeter /etc...) team at your church - be encouraged.  You play an incredible role in your church.  

Hospitality Team -

I want to take a moment and encourage one of the most important teams at the Rock.  Now…I know that every team at the Rock would say they are "one of the most important" - and I'm sure there is some truth to that claim – but in my opinion, Hospitality is, truly, one of the most critical teams at this amazing church.  Here is why:
  • You shape people's first and last impression of the Rock.
  • You are the glue that holds Sunday together.
  • Every Sunday over 13K people see what a healthy and high functioning Rock ministry team looks like.
  • Your positive attitude and demonstration of Jesus encourages every other Sunday team, from Production to Security – you interface with everyone.
Important teams doing important work will be attacked.  I've never seen that more powerfully than at the Rock.  I could tell you some amazing stories of attack – but I don't need to because you all see it already within your own team.  

Hospitality is making a difference.  You guys matter so much I don't know where to begin.  I am blessed every week to walk past you in the lobby, hallways, entrances, exits, etc… and see how professionally and lovingly you do your job.  You make the Rock look good….you give this church a loving face….yet you control the masses in a very effective and appropriate way.   Most importantly – you set the table for people to have a personal encounter with Jesus every week.  Every person that makes a decision for Christ has come in contact with someone from Hospitality.  That connection point can either help or hinder people's heart and readiness to deal with themselves.  When you see powerful altar calls on Sunday – I want you to remember how important your contribution is to that moment.  Miles seals the deal – but a very large team helps plant and water the seeds.

You do a fantastic job and I appreciate you more than you'll know.