Monday, October 10, 2011

Slingshot Group

Church is hard work...but worth it.

In my opinion the local church is one of the hardest organizations on earth to lead well because it is dealing with one of the most complex and important of issues of life - worship. Worship is complex because it is so all encompassing and creates significant tension. For instance, worship is simultaneously verb and noun - action and object - theology and culture - traditional and modern. It is where our preferences play out - where our heart strings are most often played - and where God reorientates us towards Him, towards the priorities that actually matter.

God cares deeply about the worship culture of your church. God wants you, and those you worship with, to have an experience of Him that is not simply intellectual OR emotional....but both intellectual AND emotional. As church leaders (on and off staff) it is our responsibility to shape our worship experiences in ways that allow this to take place. Unfortunately there isn't an instruction one-size-fits all solutions - and what God is doing in one church may be culturally and stylistically antithetical to the work He is doing in another.

As for me......I love all of this stuff. Complexity - culture - worship - style - etc... It's not can often be messy...but the church is where God has called me to spend my career....and I have gladly accepted. Getting to "mix it up" with churches all over the globe and work to discern what God is saying and doing in their midst is a distinct privilege I will never take for granted; and Slingshot Group is something I hope to be part of for the rest of my life.

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